Dinky Dock Park on Ollie Avenue in Winter Park, Florida

In Winter Park, Florida, you can find Dinky Dock Park on Ollie Avenue. This park is one of the nicest parks in the city and offers a place for picnics. There are also a lot of people who come here for a day of recreation. The park is a perfect place for people of all ages to go and enjoy the summer weather. See More Info!

South Florida Railroad


The Winter Park Christmas Parade is an annual event that features floats, carolers, Santa Claus, and more. It transforms the street into a winter wonderland. There are movies in the park, tree lighting, and s’mores.

The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival debuted in 1960. Merchants along Park Avenue raised funds to support the event. By 1961, the annual festival was in full swing.

Winter Park was considered a great place to live in the early years. Some of the area’s original residents were displaced former slaves. A few commercial buildings and a school were built, but the community was still in the early stages.

President Grover Cleveland visited Winter Park in 1889. He toured the site and called it the prettiest spot in Florida. Check Out This Article!

Hannibal Square


Winter Park is a great town that is known for its parks and historical homes. Although the city’s population is growing, it still has a small-town feel.

Winter Park’s first commercial building was a railroad passenger depot. It was also the site of the city’s first general merchandise store, Ergood & White.

A second hotel, the Seminole, opened at the foot of Webster Avenue. It became popular among a discerning clientele. The building stood until 1970. However, it was demolished in 1970.

There were also two banks, two post offices, and a fire department. By 1884, the town had a population of more than 600.

When Samuel Robinson platted the town, he planned a central park and tracts for hotels, churches, and commercial buildings. He designed curved streets and a town plan.

Annie Russell Theatre


The Annie Russell Theatre is a historic theater in Winter Park, Florida. Named after the English-born actress, it is located on the Rollins College campus. In 1932, the theatre was built in the Spanish Mediterranean style.

The theater was designed by German-born architect Richard Kiehnel. He was part of the firm Kiehnel and Elliott.

The theater was funded by a $135,000 donation from the late Mary Louise Bok, a patron of the arts. In addition to the theater, she also donated the funds for the building of the sanctuary of the church, which is now the church’s education building.

Other projects in the early days of Winter Park included the Seminole Hotel, which was the largest hotel in Florida when it opened in 1886. It was heated by steam and could accommodate up to 400 guests.

Morse’s memorial


The Morse Museum of American Art is a museum in Winter Park, Florida. Its collection of Tiffany art is among the world’s most extensive. In 1979, the museum began a holiday tradition by holding its annual Christmas in the Park. Throughout the year, the museum presents a variety of events, including a choir concert and a Brass Ensemble performance.

The Winter Park Chain of Lakes, a popular tourist attraction, sits in the heart of the city. Visitors can enjoy free paddleboarding and kayaking on the lakes without being charged for a ticket. However, a boat is required to be at least eight feet long. During the Winter Park Christmas Parade, you can see more than 100 performers, and a live band will provide festive tunes. Learn More about Florida here.

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