How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro


Are your windows always a mess and no matter what you do, they’re never really clean? It’s not that you don’t try-you use window cleaner, squeeze the water off and wipe them down with paper towels but they just always seem to be dirty!

Window cleaning is a chore that most people would rather avoid.  It’s not just the work, though it does involve plenty of elbow grease and patience; it’s also about being able to get the windows clean enough for your liking. 

But what if you could have them looking like new without all of the pain?

Well, with these tips, you can!

How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro
How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

Here are some tips on how to finally get those pesky windows clean and keep them that way:


  1. Start with a clean cloth: A common mistake people make when cleaning windows is using a dirty or old cloth. This will only spread the dirt around and make the job more difficult. Instead, start with a clean, lint-free cloth. 


  1. Use the right cleaner: Another common mistake is using the wrong type of cleaner on your windows. This can leave streaks or even damage the glass. Be sure to use a window-specific cleaner or vinegar and water solution. 


  1. Wipe in one direction: When you’re wiping the glass, be sure to do so in one direction only. This will help to avoid streaks and get the best possible results. 


  1. Dry the edges: Water can pool in the corners of your windows and leave streaks, so be sure to dry those areas well with a clean cloth.


  1. Polish it off: To get a really streak-free shine, polish the glass with a crumpled up piece of newspaper or a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning windows doesn’t have to be a pain. With these tips, you can get the job done quickly and easily without any streaks or water spots. So next time your windows are looking a little bit dirty, put these tips to use and enjoy the results!