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8 Best Tips for Choosing Window Cleaners Near Me

Window cleaners near me are a tricky bunch. They’re really expensive but require in-depth know-how to get the job done without risking damage to the window panes or your floors. Here are some tips that will help you get your window cleaner for cheap and then do the job right!

Tip #1: What Not to Use 

The first thing you need to know is not to use your dishwasher soap. Make sure it’s all watered down and has the color of a pastel yellow. The dish-washing liquid comes with chemicals like chlorine and phosphates, which can damage the windows’ film and strip away the dirt that accumulates on them over time. The water needs to be softened as well; otherwise, it will leave glass spots all over your home. It’s also safe to say that any soap made for laundry purposes should not be used either. Just like dishwasher soap, these are too harsh when instead you want something gentler in nature – just think about how sensitive skin is! Also, newspaper ink can damage the surface. This is what it means when you start seeing white spots on your car after washing it.

Window Cleaners Near Me

Window Cleaners Near Me

Tip #2: Clean with a Water-Based Cleaner 

There are many water-based cleaners you can use to get your windows truly clean. One good example is Windex, which has ammonia in its ingredients, so it’s safe for window cleaning purposes. Before using the cleaner, never forget to read its label thoroughly! Make sure no harsh chemicals are present in its contents before giving it a whirl. It should also be noted that there are glass cleaners available without ammonia too; however, these are less effective in comparison because they don’t break down oils enough to give them an extra shine – not to mention how pricey they are too! 

Tip #3: Instead of Newspaper, Use Paper Towels

So you ran out of newspaper and the only paper towels insight are the ones with flowery prints. Don’t let this deter you from cleaning your windows! You just have to be creative for this one! Simply crumple up the paper towel to form a ball that’s small enough to fit inside your hand. Dip it into water then wring it until there’s no excess liquid leftover. Then commence wiping down the glass pane until you get all the smudges away – voila, an instant window-cleaning tool made out of something you likely already have lying around the house!

Tip #4: Make It a Family Affair

It’s not uncommon to see during weekends how most families clean their windows together. The younger children are taught how you do it while adults supervise their work or sometimes even do it themselves! You will likely already have everything you need in your household cleaning kit anyway, so consider giving this one a go – not only is it cost-effective but also gives everyone something to look forward to when Saturday morning comes around! 

Window Cleaners Near Me

Window Cleaners Near Me

Tip #5: Have a Little Fun with It

Some people find cleaning their windows tedious, so they opt to have them done by professionals. Not only is this costly but you still have to wait for days before you can actually see out of your window panes again. With that in mind, it’s not a bad thing to have some fun with the task at hand! For instance, just like how most people do when they’re scrubbing their stoops and tiles, singing while doing housework makes it all the more bearable – even if just for a little while. Who knows? Maybe this will make you want to do it regularly instead of delaying it until the last possible minute on any given weekend!

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