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SeaWorld Orlando – A Marine-Themed Family Fun Park

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SeaWorld Orlando – A Marine-Themed Family Fun Park

Feed dolphins, marvel at killer whales, or explore the plight of manatees at SeaWorld Orlando. The marine-themed theme park also offers thrill rides, stage shows, and educational exhibits.

Behind-the-scenes tours are available for a small extra charge. They are recommended for a more in-depth experience of the attractions. Most tours require advanced reservations. A great post ahead.

Thrilling Attractions

SeaWorld Orlando impresses millions of visitors with a variety of heart-pounding attractions. While the park may not be as large as other Florida theme parks, it packs in plenty of marine-themed fun.

Sea lions, otters, and seals put on a show that will leave you in awe of their amazing skills. Watching these creatures interact and listen to their trainers is a unique experience that you can’t get at the bigger theme parks in the area.

The SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters are a must-see for thrill seekers. Mako, Kraken, and Manta are three of the most popular rides in all of Florida. These incredible machines range from a floorless shark-themed roller coaster to a flying roller coaster and aquarium exhibit all in one.

Be sure to pick up a park map upon entering so you can navigate the winding pathways with ease. Getting to the shows early will allow you to enjoy the action with less crowds.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Besides rides, SeaWorld Orlando has several attractions that are suited for the younger members of the family. Little ones can race each other on the Riptide Race slide or play on sandy beaches and splash in water spouts and pools. They can also hang out with dolphins in their habitat and view tropical fish and coral at the Manta Aquarium.

If you’re visiting with toddlers, you can let them get their energy out while meeting Sesame Street characters in the new area behind Dolphin Theater. Children can visit re-created sets from the show and meet Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and others.

There are other family-friendly activities throughout the park, such as petting goats and llamas at Allie’s Barnyard or walking among Florida panthers and alligators at Gatorland. You can even feed exotic birds and reptiles at the Very Merry Aviary. Avid theme park souvenir collectors will appreciate the wide selection of aquatic knickknacks at Glacial Collections. Here is another spot to visit.

Educational Exhibits

Many of SeaWorld’s exhibits go beyond the typical look at marine life. At the Stingray Lagoon, you can touch a stingray or grab a feeding stick and throw food at sharks, seals, and sea lions at the Pacific Point Preserve. Other educational attractions include the Behind the Scenes tour that lets visitors learn about how SeaWorld comes to the aid of sick, injured, and orphaned animals. Or, visit the TurtleTrek theater which enables visitors to stand in a theater with 3D glasses and see marine life swimming around them from every angle.

In addition to animal shows and attractions, SeaWorld Orlando also features tasty dining options, arcade games, and special events. It’s recommended that you plan on spending at least one full day at the park to experience everything. The best time to visit is during the week and off of summers and holidays when crowds are smaller. We recommend getting tickets online prior to your visit so you can avoid long lines at the park’s ticket booths.

Rehabilitation and Conservation

SeaWorld Orlando is a leader in animal rescue and rehabilitation, working with local and state agencies, stranding networks, zoos and aquariums, and other marine research facilities. Their animal rescue teams are on call 24/7 to help stranded animals, and they have been known to rescue a solitary dolphin calf (named JJ) after three days of being stranded, nurse it back to health, and then return it to the wild.

The company has also donated millions to conservation projects through the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. In addition, five percent of each purchase at a SeaWorld gift shop goes to support environmental groups worldwide.

There are plenty of ways to learn and have fun at SeaWorld, but it is the company’s dedication to wildlife rescue and education that sets it apart from other theme parks. You can even join the company on an immersive adventure to explore marine life at Discovery Cove, an all-inclusive day resort that gives you the opportunity to swim with dolphins, snorkel among tropical fish and rays, hand-feed exotic birds, and relax on pristine beaches. Next blog post.


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